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When it comes to attending a wedding, there are many elements you have to think about, and proper etiquette is one of great importance. While fashion and decor trends change over the years, the art of etiquette is timeless.


The Gift. It seem everyone has a different opinion on this subject. Today’s verdict is to cover the cost of your dinner. Personally, I dislike that rule of thumb. It seems so unromantic and brash. The Bride and Groom obviously feel you are important to them. It is an honor to be included in one of the most important days of their life. Don’t make it about money. Yes, we all have a budget. I don’t think you should break the bank. Be thoughtful and as giving as you are able to be.


This brings us around to The Registry.  The bride and her mother (in todays world, the groom could be involved also) select her China, Silver Flatware and formal Stemware.  She registers at the store she prefers, and that information is usually included in the Bridal Shower Invitation. The Registry is meant to help the couple receive the special possessions that they will value through their married life.


That is one kind of Registry. Then there is the Registry, where the Bride and Groom go by themselves and they run through the store shooting items with the “Gun”. They have a great time that day. Unfortunately, a few years later they will regret the opportunity they had to be gifted with objects they would cherish.


Todays Lucky Bride has the ability to shop from a cozy chair and have a glass of wine, while she shares her choices with Mom, Fiancée and whoever she wants to.  That my dear friends is called the World Wide Web.


Many people choose to live more casually now. Perhaps they prefer 2 sets of more fun china.  Sterling Silver Flatware? Let’s take a look at some cool stainless or silver plate. The choices for beautiful things is endless!


As a Guest, by no means, should you feel obligated to select your gift from that list. One can always give money, (no one dislikes cash).  My mother always goes off registry and gives a beautiful Waterford Cake Plate. Our bride may not think she wants that. However, the chances are, if she doesn’t get it now she never will.  Please, please don’t put a vacuum or a Home Depot Gift Card on your Wedding Registry. I guarantee you will find a way to buy a vacuum.


If you love beautiful things and love Gifting, Lady Builder Shops is the ideal store for you. We have a selection of not only unique and gorgeous items, but make it easy for Bride and Guest.  If the bride decides to return her gift, we will happily exchange it or send a Gift Card of equal worth. Any bride who chooses to register with us, please make you selections and email us at We are here if you have any questions, so feel free to call us at 630-581-5283.


Here are some of our favorite selections:


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Browse Lady Builder Shops for much more!

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Judy, Jay, Jamie and Meg

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