Decorating with Mercury Glass


What is Mercury Glass? In a word, it’s Stunning! But if you need to know more, here’s a more precise explanation: Mercury Glass is a silvered-colored glass named so because it was originally lined with mercury. Today, however, it contains neither silver nor mercury. To create the look, a double-mold of glass is formed and, via a hole at the bottom of the mold, liquid silver nitrate is injected to cover the inside wall. This creates a unique patina that brings glass to a whole new level of amazing!

Many beautiful things are available in this gorgeous material, including light pendants, knobs, vases, wine glasses, and even Christmas ornaments! Mercury glass items made wonderful accent pieces in any room…and believe me, I have some in every room!

Decorating with Mercury Glass:

  • One piece looks good, but more is more when it comes to Mercury glass decor.
  • Place items on a mirror or in front of a mirror for a glamorous effect.
  • Pair Mercury glass items with old books to create a perfect juxtaposition.
  • Although the finish seems to be a bit antique and traditional, it really pops in a contemporary setting.
  • This unique style of decoration isn’t for just anyone…it’s for EVERYONE!

Take a peek at a few of Lady Builder Shop’s favorite pieces and check back often for the latest Mercury Glass items.

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Image of Silver Mercury Glass Trees
Image of antiqued mercury glass salad server
Image of Go Home Mercury Glass Flute

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