Fantasy Football versus Fantasy Decorating


Guys play Fantasy Foot Ball. I think I will play Fantasy Decorating .

The Master Bedroom will be mine. I would like it to be a serene sanctuary, yet elegant. Before I select the furnishings, I have to have a few basics in place.

  • Room darkening draperies. Custom made from a delicious fabric ,that open and close easily.
  • My room will have a minimum of 9’ ceilings
  • Windows for cross ventilation.
  • Of course, my suite will have its own thermostat, so I don’t have to be regulated by any other spaces.
  • Ah, yes. A fireplace. A real one , not a direct vent. Set up high enough in the wall so I can see it from my bed.
  • The size of the room will be 15’ x 20’. I don’t want to feel like I am sleeping in a hotel lobby. However, the length provides me with space for a seating area.
  • I am not proud to admit this, but a nice flat screen T.V. that I can view easily from my bed or seating area.

Now that I have established my guidelines, I will select a few Bedrooms from Bernhardt Furniture. All of this furniture is available through Lady Builder Shops. Please call us for pricing and free interior design help from 2 of our licensed Interior Designers on staff. They will be happy to guide you,since your Bedroom is real. Mine,  I can change my room anytime with a click of a mouse!



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