Gift Giving Tips for Everyone on Your List


So, you want some Gift Giving Tips for Everyone on Your List? We’ve got a few…20 to be exact!

  1. Know your audience. Give them what they like, not what they NEED.
  2. Men, try to avoid buying her gifts with electric cords. Trite, but true.
  3. Women, the day of the tie is over.
  4. Don’t give anyone anything with nuts in it. Everyone is allergic to nuts these days.
  5. Same applies to gluten.
  6. When gifting co-workers—go online. Get a little humorous. (Not personal, just a little funny.)
  7. Don’t be practical, give something spectacular!
  8. Someone likes to entertain? Go to Lady Builder Shops and purchase something in our Kitchen/Tableware Department.
  9. For the golfer: resist the obvious and avoid golf paraphernalia. Believe me, they already own it.
  10. For the mom: Don’t say she has everything. She doesn’t. (Have you seen her ratty-looking robe?)
  11. For the mother-in-law: Ditto.
  12. For the wife: Jewelry is always accepted. HINT: Do not buy her your mother’s perfume because it smells soooo good to you.
  13. For the husband: Don’t spend any money. You know…
  14. For the father: Hmmm. Take a good look. Maybe his 100 lb. Golf bag from 1997 should be replaced. (This is the only exception to the Golfing Rule).
  15. For the father-in-law: He kind of sets the tone with this one. Take a hard look.
  16. For clients: Depends on what kind of client he is. Is he a can of popcorn guy or a unique wine taster?
  17. For the boss: All they want from you is for you to work really, really hard and never talk to them. Tough gift.
  18. For the little kids: Almost anything goes in the toy department. Select age appropriate gifts and wrap in a whimsical paper just for them.
  19. For the grown kids: Since you spend so much quality time with them, you know exactly what they would like, so go online and please them.
  20. For the teacher, mailman, hairdresser, etc:  A cute ornament or decoration in our Home Decor or Seasonal Departments, paired with a gift card to Starbucks works perfectly.

These 20 gift giving tips may not cover everything you need to know, so here’s one more….Gift Giving is easy when you shop at Lady Builder Shops! We have what they WANT and what you want to give! Happy Shopping and Happy Gift Giving!

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