Ladies Valentine Tea Party —Then and Now


Once upon a time, not so really long ago, ladies entertained their friends with Afternoon Tea. Oh, they were such charming lovely affairs. The ladies even wore pantyhose and left their Lulu Lemon yoga pants in their closet. Grandmother’s silver tea set was shining brightly on the handsome polished buffet. The dining room table was lush with gorgeous flowers, delicious scones, cucumber sandwiches and dainty petit fours.


The “Good China” and silver flatware were artfully set up on the table, along with starched crisp napkins. The hostess would ask a friend to pour the tea for guests while “help” kept the table filled and fresh. The hostess would be sure to greet each guest, make sure she was served, and had joined a group that would suit her. Chairs from her dining room would have been arranged in little groups with access to a table so they would comfortably enjoy their tea. However, if it was an intimate group of perhaps 12 or less, she would experience the joy of setting her dining table so they would all be able to sit together.


So here were are in February with Valentine’s Day fast approaching. Wouldn’t it be fun to have girlfriends over for a Valentines Tea/ Cocktail Party circa 2015? So let’s fire up our laptops and make a captivating invitation to send our friends. Our Hostess today would not be so concerned about her tea, (although, thoughtfully she would have tea and coffee available). Time is gold, so she calls the best bakery and orders very delicious naughty treats. Since doesn’t have “Help”, she graciously accepts the offer of her friends to bring something. The guest will be greeted at the door with a tray of pink raspberry martinis. The ideal drink for this event is a deep fuchsia color and made with raspberry juice and raspberry liqueur. Totally yummy! Now how does she envision her party? Hmm, she wants it to be pretty and inspire everyone to have fun. Perhaps, like this? This certainly qualifies.



She is concerned it may be too casual for some of her Dearest Friends, but they are always too busy anyway.


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