Mother’s Day Gift Guide


What do Mothers really want for Mother’s Day?

Each year when I am asked that question, I always respond the same. “I want your love and devotion, and World Peace.” Now, of course, I already have the former and of course, I cannot receive the later. Then there is the awkward matter of should your husband gift you? Obviously, I am not his Mother, but we have personally have settled this dilemma by him gifting me. Totally the right decision.

Let’s talk about FLOWERS. Yes, I love roses as much as the next women. With 5 adult children and one husband, I feel like it is my funeral. Skip the flowers, unless they are arranged in a unique vase. One can never have a large enough collection of vases.

My husband used to buy me a beautiful nightgown and robe. Alas, no one makes those gorgeous sets, because no one wears them anymore. I am perfectly capable of purchasing my own perfume and have worn the same scent for years. Please do not interfere.

I realize I sound like an unpleasable woman, but believe me when I say I am not. I just want thoughtful creativity from my brood. Please, no candy!

Here are a some gift suggestions from the Moms at If any of them speak to you, send us your loved ones emails, and we will contact them and Ah, the joy of online shopping!

Who would love this elegant crystal perfume bottle?


Ah, how about this opulent silver, pearl and crystal box by Olivia Riegel? Something to treasure forever.


Jeweled Little Bee Box certainly deserves a buzz!


Any Olivia Riegel picture frame that you receive, will be cherished. This one is beautifully crafted with pearl and crystals.


This Rolling Tote Bag is not only great looking, but is practical. Use as your purse and carry-on while flying or as the ideal weekend bag.  Also, available in Black and Green.

Fabulous Tote in pink and white Chevron pattern. Now who wouldn’t like that?


Don’t forget the scarf ! Such a nice little add on with the Tote.


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