Restyling your Bookshelves


Stylizing any kind of shelves from an entire wall of built in bookcases to a few shelves in your kitchen is your display of who you are and how you want your guest to perceive you. The books on your shelves, the pictures of who is important to you, all tell a lot about you. The things you collect and choose to display, actually display your interest. They are not a stagnant area, they evolve as you do.

The Steps to Restyling your Bookshelves:

  • Unfortunately, step one is to remove everything from the shelves. Lay it all out and take a hard look at it. Perhaps it might be time to retire the BFF picture frame. Take a tour through your house and look at everything. Perhaps, you will find some great things that will refresh you shelves by mixing it up.
  • Books: Better to have some books that reflect the display you are creating, then packed shelves of old college econ books! Remember, this isn’t your reading Library. We are decorating. Old books with faded covers that blend will work. Taking off the book jackets and group them in a way that makes them blend is acceptable. Books don’t have to stand upright all the time, they can be stacked, they can work as bookends for other books, they can casually lean against other objects. I like to keep my books that are vertical according to size. (touch of OCD).
  • Paintings, prints can start in the back of the shelf and you can build a little vignette around them.
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