Go Home Palm Tree Candleholders

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A pair of vintage, hip, and retro-fabulous tropical candlesticks.


These Go Home Palm Tree Candleholders can fit  a number of descriptions….vintage, hip, and a little retro. They are made with nickel and a silver finish and are cast in an easy, breezy tropical motif. You’ll love decorating your beach house or vacation home with these gorgeous accessories, but they’re not limited to those locations. The Go Home Palm Tree Candleholders are a great choice to decorate any home. They make a stunning centerpiece for a dinner party, especially one with a tropical themed menu. You’ll love the compliments you receive from your guests! These also make a wonderful and impressive gift for someone who loves vacationing in a tropical setting. And who doesn’t?

Specifications for Go Home Palm Tree Candleholders

  • 12”H
  • Made of nickel with a silver finish
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 in

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